Please contact us at [email protected], we will be able to re-send you your login information.
Prior to an event you’re able to change your seat freely up until a week before the event. A week before an event the seatmap is locked from changes – this has to do with your experience at the actual venue. Everything from final corrections of maps, personalized information about your seat and logistics. Make sure to utilize your option to freely choose a seat before that!
Is my seat gone? – No it’s not. All users who didn’t choose a seat will be automatically placed in the best seat suited for the ticket type purchased by the system. The auto-assign will happen shortly before an event and confirmation emails will be sent out regarding your seat. Make sure to bring your confirmation to speed up the process of finding your seat at your DreamHack event!
You should have received 2 emails each containing an username and password. If you did not received multiple emails, please send us an email at [email protected]